Water Diet for effective weight loss

Water is important for our body blood circulation. Water diet plan is very simple but effect beneficial to our health. The water diet is to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Combination of daily exercise and balance foods are essential to maintaining a perfect metabolism to have a sound mind and healthy life.

Importance of water to the our body

Man cannot live without water for more than three days. But Man can live weeks without food. The water present 65 percent of the composition of our body and constitute 85 percent of the weight of the human brain and 80 percent of the blood and 70 percent of the muscle.

All biological processes of the body are required water. Only 2% water shortage in the body can cause vertigo, short term memory loses, difficult to concentration in the regular work.

Water helps our body digestion process, supply protein and carbohydrates into blood. Wastage of our body carried outside the body by water. Oxygen is the main element of our body to burn fat, water manages oxygen circulation in the blood. Our body temperature goes high if shortage of water for a while.

Sources of water

There are many sources of water are drinking water, fruits, vegetable, tea, coffee, milk and others.

Fruits sources are Grapes, oranges and others contain large proportion of water. Water Melon contains 90% water.

Vegetables water sourses are cucumber, tomatoes and others also contain maximum part of water.

Milk, tea, coffee, soft drinks are good sources of water.

Water helps to burn fat

Drinking water increase amount of calories that you burn; is called resting energy expenditure. Resting energy expenditure increase by 24 to 30 percent with 10 minutes of drinking water for adult. And resting energy expenditure increase by 25 percent for children.

A recent study said, if an overweight woman intake to over 1 liter water per day, her weight loss would be 2 kilograms in a period of 12 months without changing her life style.water diet

Drinking 0.5 liter of water in a day results in an extra 23 calories burn. So, yearly calories burn up to 17000, loss over 2 KG weight.
Those overweight people drink 1 to 1.5 liters of water in a day, they lose weight significantly. Thise results even more effective if the water is cold.

Some overweight people said that drinking water before a meal reduces hunger. Drinking water before the meal may increase weight loss more than 2 kg in period of 3 months.

Another study also said that drinking water before breakfast reduced the amount of calories consumed during the meal by 13 percent.

Water Diet helps to loss weight effectively

As the water diet rule is to drink 2 liters of waters per day. For quick and effective weight loss, drink up to 4% of body weight in water. Be careful about drinking water; do not drink all water at once. Drink the water all throughout the day.

After waking up and 30 minutes before taking breakfast, drink 200ml water. Do not drink remaining water in one sitting.
The requirement of water diet is to drink more water than we usually drinking. Do not drink tap water which has high chlorine. If you are in the area where only the way to drink tap water, you must use a distiller to pure it.

There are concepts of soft water and hard water, the difference between soft water and hard water is base on the mineral content found in 1000 milliliter of water. The water running through water softener has less mineral content which is more drinkable. And hard water has more mineral content.

On the water diet plan, you should drink mineral rich hard water. It helps to prevent overeating controlling allowing you to control your appetite drinking water.

Sometime it is a painful task to drink 2 liters of water in a day. Drink gross amount of water cause of low sodium in your blood. During water diet, recommended to intake sodium between 6 grams and 10 grams per day. Consuming enough salt in your water diet is especially important during hot summer season when you need it most for fluid recovery.

model water diet plan

Breakfast: a cup of water on an empty stomach, followed by hard boiled egg in the morning.
Food: 2 cups of water before meal, followed by 6 spoons boiled rice and issued pullet roast or boiled and sautéed vegetables.
Dinner: 2 cups water before meal, followed by a piece of cheese and a glass of fresh orange juice.