Are bananas and coffee best food to eat before exercise?

Some people think, taking 2 bananas and a cup of coffee are enough before the exercise. Lifting weight and other activities require huge power but what have with these two foods.

What are Benefits of eating bananas just before exercise?

Recent researches said, Banana is a piece of natural energy. Banana is doing fast carbohydrates digestion & absorption, considering quick source of power. It has potassium that helps muscles & other organs like nervous system of the body to do their work properly.

What are benefits of taking coffee just before exercise?

Coffee helps to stimulate central nervous system and increase oxygen to the body. It improves blood circulation and increase glucose & fat that are important for exercise. Do not mix extra sugar with coffee and avoid milk.  Do not take coffee after the exercise; you need recovery food after exercise. If you exercise in the morning you can take a cup of coffee, if you exercise in the evening regularly, you should not take coffee, it would be a serious problem for your sleep.

What are the requirements of body during exercise?

Importance of Daily Diet planNutrients of bananas

Muscle glycogen is the main store of Iron exercise. You must have a daily meals plan to get enough calories for exercise. Your performance will be better if you have high calories in your daily meals. If someone meals support him 1000 calories in a day, his performance will be poor due to low amount of calories. It is not possible to get enough calories from 2 bananas before exercise.  Taking foods before exercise help to improving performance in the gymnasium, but you should not compare these foods to the importance of the role of your daily meals.

Your body needs 200 to 400 calories in the gym. You can get 140 to 160 calories from 2 bananas.

Take protein before exercise

Many studies found that the importance of amino acid taking before exercise to increase muscle protein, also helps to recover muscle after exercise. If protein source is meat, you should take meat 2-3 hours before exercise. Quick absorption protein is from whey or amino acids are 30 minutes before exercise. Exercise without enough protein in your body will not improve your body muscles. Bananas are poor source of protein, defends on it is not good idea.

Fat for exercise

Fat has a role in the synthesis of male hormone testosterone in the body construction. Fat also slow down digestion process or carbohydrates and convert carbohydrates into glucose in blood of the body that helps to stabilize insulin level and blood sugar. That’s why smooth power distribution throughout the whole exercise. Bananas cannot produce energy quickly in the beginning with short of vitamins and minerals which are important for the body during exercise.

Vitamins and minerals before exercise

The importance of Vitamins and minerals during exercise are known to all.  You must have a big meal 2 to 3 hours before exercise to get enough vitamins and minerals. Just two bananas before exercise would not provide required vitamins and minerals during exercise.

Potassium in Banana

  • 100 grams bananas = 358 mg potassium which is 10% of daily needs.
  • 100 grams dried apricots = 1162 mg potassium which is 33% of daily needs.
  • 100 grams potato = 537 mg potassium which 15% of daily needs.

Food value in Bananas

Banana Size: medium, Weight: 130 grams, calories : 115

Nutrients in a medium size banana

Vitamin B6 – 0.5 mg
Manganese – 0.3 mg
Vitamin C – 9 mgbanana food value
Potassium – 450 mg
Dietary Fiber – 3 gram
Protein – 1 gram
Magnesium – 34 mg
Folate – 25.0 mcg
Riboflavin – 0.1 mg
Niacin – 0.8 mg
Vitamin A – 81 IU
Iron – 0.3 mg

Why two bananas before exercise? Why not 4 or 5? Why the magic number 2 is chosen. You can eat a big meal 2-3 hours before exercise for protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and others.